Secret Lewis – Live Event – Barcelona, Spain

Game: Secret Lewis
Type: Live Event
Location: Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Date: Saturday, 30th October, 3-4pm
Status: Concluded

Poor Lewis Hamilton. While he was out stealing back works of art, someone went and stole his favorite trophy and is holding it hostage. In order to get it back unharmed, Lewis needs to rally his followers and have them perform a variety of tasks. Most of the these tasks have been in the form of puzzles (and after failing one puzzle, the trophy now sports a new dent). But the latest task requires Lewis to “get a person to the right place at the right time” somewhere in the world.

I want at least one of you to go to Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona tomorrow between 3pm and 4pm. You should look for a woman carrying balloons and say that Alexander sent you. She will give you further instructions.

As I can’t imagine this deviating too far from the previous events, be ready to run around the city following a set of clues to an end point where you will possibly be rewarded. Unless you have some sort of phobia against balloons, then I would recommend possibly just staying home.

Further Information: Secret Lewis@SecretLewisSuper Secret LewisAQ Hawker BlogUnfiction thread

Tron – Live Event – Atlanta, Boston, Madrid

Game: Tron (Flynn Lives)
Type: Live Events
Location: Atlanta, GA / Boston, MA / Madrid, Spain
Date: February 24, 2010
Status: Concluded

At Noon (Eastern Time), the Flynn Lives Zero Hour page updated with 3 new cities. So if you’re still waiting for information, check it out at the top of every hour. The other cities are slowly being checked off, although I have no idea if this means that there is nothing else for anyone to do their or not. I would hope that there would at least be some sort of “second prize” for people who got their late, but time will tell.

Atlanta, GAChecked Off

1936 Piedmont Circle NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
2/24 12:00 PM EST

Your contact really likes to multitask: Gamer, computer expert, Flynn Lives t-shirt wearer. Find your contact

Password: Save Game


Boston, MAChecked Off
106 Blackstone St.
Boston, MA 02109

2/24 12:00 PM EST

Your contact will have double fire power while wearing a Flynn lives t-shirt.

Password: Cheat Code


Madrid, Spain – Canceled
Carretera de Extremadura (N-V)
KM23.5, Margen Izquierdo
28939 Arroyomolinos, Spain

2/24 6:00 PM CET

Put the pedal to the proverbial medal and find your contact who is wearing a Flynn Lives t-shirt.

Password: Rumble Pack

Further Information: Flynn LivesUnfiction threadTron WikiARGNMovie Viral

Tron – Worldwide

Game: Tron (Flynn Lives)
Type: Possible Live Event
Location: Sydney, Australia / Denver, CO / Madrid, Spain / Paris, France / Boston, MA / Washington, DC / Orlando, FL / Atlanta, GA / Raleigh, NC / San Diego, CA / New York City, NY / Philadelphia, PA / Toronto, Ontario / Austin, TX / Minneapolis, MN / Nashville, TN / Chicago, IL / Salt Lake City, UT / Los Angeles, CA / San Francisco, CA / Portland, OR / Seattle, WA / Las Vegas, NV / Phoenix, AZ / London, England
Date: Possibly February 24, 2010 at 11am EST
Status: Concluded

Over on the Flynn Lives website, there is a countdown that will hit zero on February 24th at 11am EST. Below the countdown there is a slowly revealing list of city names. Current speculation is that things will be happening in those cities when the countdown hits zero, but it’s far too early to tell at this point in time. If you live in or near one of those cities, keep the countdown page or back here for updates within the next 5 days.


Update: So the image has completely resolved and all of the cities have been revealed. The original list posted was pretty close to what it finished up to be (the two switches were Detroit -> Denver and Indianapolis -> Minneapolis). We still don’t know what is going to be going on in those cities or exactly where things will be happening, but hopefully an update is on its way so those people who are contemplating taking off work will know if they should or not.

Further Information: Flynn LivesUnfiction threadTron WikiARGNMovie Viral

Something in the Sea – Live Event

Game: Something in the Sea
Type: Live Event
Location: Australia / Germany / Italy / Netherlands / France / England / Spain / Long Island / Vancouver / Santa Monica
Date: August 8, 2009
Status: Concluded

Something in the Sea, the campaign for BioShock2, wants everyone to go to one of 10 beaches around the world this Saturday morning. Two memos and a map have appeared on that tell when and where something will be happening this Saturday.

As far as I can determine, these are the coordinates – in the order of sunrise on August 8th. According to what I have learned, the tides may carry in valuable information at approx. sunrise at these times.

6:41 AM Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia) 33° 53′S 151° 16′E
5:43 AM Travemunde (Baltic Beach – Lubeck, Germany) 53° 57′N 10° 52′E
6:03 AM Rimini Beach (Italy) 44° 4′N 12° 34′E
6:15 AM Scheveningen Beach (The Hague, Netherlands) 52° 7′N 4° 17′E
6:28 AM Bay of Angels (Nice, France) 43° 41′N 7° 15′E
5:37 AM Brighton Beach (England) 50° 49′N 0° 8′W
6:54 AM Barceloneta Beach (Spain) 41° 22′N 2° 11′E
5:58 AM Jones Beach (New York, U.S.) 40° 35′N 73° 30′W
5:55 AM Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver, Can.) 49° 16′N 123° 9′W
6:11 AM Santa Monica (California, U.S.) 34° 0′N 118° 29′W

The buzz in the Unfiction forums seems to be that there will be swag to be had at the locations, along with possible character meets, so you should have a pretty good time if you go, despite it occurring way to early in the morning. If you can, take pictures and/or video of what happens so that the people who are unable to go can live vicariously through you. And if you’re attending the Jones Beach event, say hi to my friend Siege (if he goes, that is).

Further Information: SomethingInTheSea.comUnfiction thread

Thanks to Limer in IRC for telling me about this event.

Star Trek – Dead Drop/Meet – Berlin, Madrid *UPDATE*

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop or Character Meet
Location: Berlin, Germany & Madrid, Spain
Date: April 25, 2009 or April 26, 2009, 16:00 hrs
Status: Finished

A new photo from the CobraSnake party shows another Romulan sign that was translated into times and coordinates.

16.00 hrs
40.408845, -3.693845
+40° 24′ 31.95″, -3° 41′ 37.84″ (Madrid)

16.00 hrs
52.525968, 13.388433
+52°31’33.48″, +13°23’18.36″ (Berlin)

This now is obviously what the PHPChatUser5 conversation from before was about. The only thing people are unsure of is what day these events are taking place. From the original message:

PHPChatUser5: Just be ready, both of you, I’ll have your locations by Saturday – Fe, yours will likely be near the museum right by you with the rusty towers. “Al”, the other is on the eastern side of Berlin, by a derelict building in Mitte. I’ll need you to go the next day AT the time I give! Look for me in one of our spots. Also, I’m handling Sargash.

The picture was taken on “4/24/09 18:41″ which is believed to be 10am GMT. If you follow the instructions to go the next day it would be Saturday, April 25 at 16:00 hrs (local or GMT is unknown). But, it could just as easily be on Sunday, so if you really want to be a part of this, you might have to plan to camp out in Berlin or Madrid for several hours.

@Merzmensch reports that nothing happened at Berlin location on Saturday 16:00hrs local time. So scratch one possibility off the list.

Further information: Unfiction forumsPatmo forumsStar Trek ARG forums#arg chat on

Update: Both events went down on Sunday, April 26 at 16:00hrs local time. @amos_vm, @siedler_2005 and @Amujan were at the Berlin event. They found people in the area handing out flyers asking about information about two Romulans. The fliers provided a phone number to call which informed callers that the two individuals were extreme public threats. They also saw people spraying graffiti stencils also asking if you have seen these individuals.

Eventually, the trio found a backlot where the Romulans had been camping out like hobos. They found a sleeping bag covered in green blood and another person in the area had gotten a message via bluetooth and agreed to email it so that others could see it. It’s a video with some QR Codes shown throughout.

I haven’t been able to find any written reports on the Madrid mission. @colgado47 tweeted that he received a Bluetooth message while in Madrid, but provides no other reports.

Unfiction recapArgonaut recap

Star Trek – Dead Drop – Berlin, Madrid

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop
Location: Berlin, Germany & Madrid, Spain
Date: April 25, 2009
Status: Completed – New information given here Better update information

On, PHPChatUser5 gave out the following instructions that may or may not indicate that a dead drop or meeting will be taking place.

Just be ready, both of you, I’ll have your locations by Saturday – Fe, yours will likely be near the museum right by you with the rusty towers. “Al”, the other is on the eastern side of Berlin, by a derelict building in Mitte. I’ll need you to go the next day AT the time I give! Look for me in one of our spots. Also, I’m handling Sargash.

According to Wikipedia, Mitte is the central borough of Berlin and encompasses Berlin’s historic core. The area includes some of the most important tourist sites in Berlin.

Although the location for Fe is unknown, based upon his known language and the description of the place, players believe it to be near the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.

Further information: Unfiction forum

Update: Possible new information given in this post. Specific Berlin & Madrid coordinates and times

Thank you @Merzmensch for tweeting.