Test Subjects Needed – Dead Drop – Nationwide

Game: Test Subjects Needed / Mission Ice Fly
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland, Dallas, Washington DC, Nashville, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Seattle, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta
Date: June 30, 2011, 2:00 PM EDT
Status: Concluded

Test Subjects Needed has updated their Mission Ice Fly website to hint that there will be some kind of dead drop happening in several cities this Thursday.

ATTENTION TEST SUBJECTS: Starting at 00:00:00:00:000 we will need one volunteer in each of the listed locations to follow a signal.

• Bring a mobile phone with you (standard text messaging rates apply)
• You will need to use your online user name from TestSubjectsNeeded.com during the mission (register here in advance)
• Only one package available per location (first come, first served)

They’ve already begun coordinating on the Unfiction forums, so if you’re interested in trying to be the one lucky individual who gets to participate in your city, make sure to register at Test Subjects Needed and make yourself known on the forums.

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Flynn Lives (TRON) – Finale Event – NYC / Toronto

Game: Flynn Lives (TRON)
Type: Finale Event
Location: New York City, NY / Toronto, Ontario
Date: December 8, 2010
Status: Completed

The finale event is here, with the first two cities unlocked. It appears as if there will be the same set of instructions for everything.

  • Get to the above location immediately, and bring a phone that can send and receive calls (does not have to be a Flynn Lives phone).
  • Find the TRON sticker and call the phone number printed on its face.
  • Stay at the location and wait for further instructions – Flynn Lives will let you know when the mission is complete.
  • Only the first person to find and call the phone number will unlock the drop and get the final meet-up instructions.
  • Be diligent. Stay safe. And good luck.

NYC location: 40.73595, -73.99801 — Claimed

Toronto location: 43.65273, -79.39095 — Claimed

I do think it’s a bit of a shame that only the first person at each location gets a prize. Is it really too much to provide smaller consolation prizes for people who take the time to show up for an event in the middle of a work day?

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Tron – Live Event – Austin, London, New York City

Game: Tron (Flynn Lives)
Type: Live Events
Location: Austin, TX / London, UK / New York City, NY
Date: February 24, 2010
Status: Completed

Third group of cities has been released. We have a twitter update from @avatrix that said he got a phone and a wallet with Tron cards, Flynn Arcade tokens, codes and newspaper articles. Still no word on if there is more than one at each location.

Austin, TXChecked Off
4301 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78751

2/24 12:00 PM CST

Your contact is traveling through another dimension… while wearing a Flynn Lives t-shirt.

Password: Dance Pad


London, UKChecked Off
Red 5, Selfridges, Lower Floor
400 Oxford St
London, W1A 2 LR

2/24 6:00 PM GMT

Your contact can’t decide which game to play while wearing a Flynn Lives t-shirt.

Password: Downloadable Content


New York City, NYChecked Off
8 Mott St
NY, NY 10013

2/24 1:00 PM EST

Your contact is defending six cities while wearing a Flynn Lives t-shirt.

Password: Coin Block

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