Secret Lewis – Live Event – Cairo / Beirut / Dubai

Game: Secret Lewis
Type: Live Event
Location: Cairo, Egypt / Beirut, Lebanon / Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date: Saturday, 18th September, 2010
Status: Concluded

The Secret Lewis / Reebok partnership is really heating up. There will be three more events at Reebok stores this weekend, this time in three different countries: Egypt, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. The player’s mission will be to secure information on how some bank security droids work, thereby allowing Lewis Hamilton to break into a bank vault and recover the stolen Leonardo notebook.

Once again, Lewis has worked with Reebok whom have stepped up to give us a secure rendezvous point in each city. Here’s where you need to be and when:

  • Cairo: Reebok store, City Stars Mall, 1-6pm
  • Beirut: Reebok store, Beirut Souks, Kaslik Main Road, 4-8pm
  • Dubai: Reebok store, Dubai Mall, Level G, 12-5pm

They don’t mention the possibility of winning anything this time, but I somehow seriously doubt they would all of a sudden get stingy at this point in the game. But at the very least, participants will have the satisfaction of knowing they helped unlock the next code for the Simulation game that will hopefully allow you to get past those annoying security bots easier (because you know a code is coming). Maybe the code will also fix that weird bug I had where a security bot would come whipping around the corner at 5x its normal speed and almost smashing into me.

Further Information: Secret Lewis@SecretLewisUnfiction thread