The Inside Experience – Finale Event – Los Angeles, CA

Game: The Inside Experience
Type: Finale Event
Location: Union Station, Los Angeles, CA
Date: Thursday, August 4th at 8:15am PDT
Status: Concluded

The InsideExperience tweeted a bit about the finale.

The final episode of INSIDE airs tomorrow morning. And for those of you who live in LA… we’ll be at Union Station at 8:15 am. Will you?

Several characters are converging on the site since supposedly that is where the kidnapped brunette will be. It’s possible that you can see her get rescued (since I supposed it’s too much to hope that she and the kidnapper would both get run over by a train). But as it’s virtually impossible to find any information on the Facebook pages about what is going on, it’s pretty much up in the air as to what exactly will go down. Just keep that in mind if you decide to head downtown around rush hour.

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