Conspiracy for Good – Live Event – Berlin

Game: Conspiracy for Good
Type: Live Event
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: June 30, 2010
Status: Concluded

The Non-Members of the Conspiracy for Good have been trying to track down a woman named Nadirah and a contract that has been obtained by an agent of Blackwell Briggs. They have tracked both to Berlin and are in need of local assistance to track them down.

All the latest indications are pointing to both Nadirah and the contract being in Berlin, and we need all the help we can get from all able and willing souls in the area to find her. We are going to do a more organized search tomorrow evening, so if you live in the area, or know your way around it and are able to identify places, send an email to and include your mail and/or your phone number so that we might contact you if we find any leads to the location of either her or the contract.

Further Information: Conspiracy for GoodConspiracy4GoodWikiUnfiction threadIRC Chat

Something in the Sea – Live Event

Game: Something in the Sea
Type: Live Event
Location: Australia / Germany / Italy / Netherlands / France / England / Spain / Long Island / Vancouver / Santa Monica
Date: August 8, 2009
Status: Concluded

Something in the Sea, the campaign for BioShock2, wants everyone to go to one of 10 beaches around the world this Saturday morning. Two memos and a map have appeared on that tell when and where something will be happening this Saturday.

As far as I can determine, these are the coordinates – in the order of sunrise on August 8th. According to what I have learned, the tides may carry in valuable information at approx. sunrise at these times.

6:41 AM Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia) 33° 53′S 151° 16′E
5:43 AM Travemunde (Baltic Beach – Lubeck, Germany) 53° 57′N 10° 52′E
6:03 AM Rimini Beach (Italy) 44° 4′N 12° 34′E
6:15 AM Scheveningen Beach (The Hague, Netherlands) 52° 7′N 4° 17′E
6:28 AM Bay of Angels (Nice, France) 43° 41′N 7° 15′E
5:37 AM Brighton Beach (England) 50° 49′N 0° 8′W
6:54 AM Barceloneta Beach (Spain) 41° 22′N 2° 11′E
5:58 AM Jones Beach (New York, U.S.) 40° 35′N 73° 30′W
5:55 AM Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver, Can.) 49° 16′N 123° 9′W
6:11 AM Santa Monica (California, U.S.) 34° 0′N 118° 29′W

The buzz in the Unfiction forums seems to be that there will be swag to be had at the locations, along with possible character meets, so you should have a pretty good time if you go, despite it occurring way to early in the morning. If you can, take pictures and/or video of what happens so that the people who are unable to go can live vicariously through you. And if you’re attending the Jones Beach event, say hi to my friend Siege (if he goes, that is).

Further Information: SomethingInTheSea.comUnfiction thread

Thanks to Limer in IRC for telling me about this event.

Intimation – GPS Mission – US, Canada, UK, Germany

Game: Intimation
Type: GPS Mission
Location: Philadelphia, PA / San Diego, CA / Hollywood, CA / Atlanta, GA / Berlin, Germany / Vancouver, BC / Portland, OR / Chicago, IL / Miami, FL / London, UK / Los Angeles, CA / Golden Gate Park, CA / Las Vegas, NV / Toronto, ON / St. Louis, MO
Date: Posted Apr 24, 2009
Status: Incomplete

New sets of GPS Missions have gone up for the Intimation game. So far, only the Central Park mission has been completely successful in gathering all the URLs needed to unlock new game content.

In order to complete GPS missions, you need a phone with an internal GPS device or an external GPS device (Bluetooth “GPS mouse”). Nokia Symbian or Windows Mobile PPC works best. Register at GPS Mobile, download the software onto your phone, and then head out to the mission sites.

Each checkpoint you arrive at reveals a message that has a web address (Checkpoint x/n .…’) The address is only shown once, so be ready to copy it down so you won’t forget. Visiting the website unlocks a piece for the game.

Further information: Unfiction thread / #intimation chat on

Thanks to @drizjr for the tip.

Update: Hollywood and Los Angeles missions completed by @krystyn. St. Louis completed by Nyst. London completed by DaiMudda.

There is now an easily readable list of which missions are completed and which are not:

Star Trek – Dead Drop/Meet – Berlin, Madrid *UPDATE*

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop or Character Meet
Location: Berlin, Germany & Madrid, Spain
Date: April 25, 2009 or April 26, 2009, 16:00 hrs
Status: Finished

A new photo from the CobraSnake party shows another Romulan sign that was translated into times and coordinates.

16.00 hrs
40.408845, -3.693845
+40° 24′ 31.95″, -3° 41′ 37.84″ (Madrid)

16.00 hrs
52.525968, 13.388433
+52°31’33.48″, +13°23’18.36″ (Berlin)

This now is obviously what the PHPChatUser5 conversation from before was about. The only thing people are unsure of is what day these events are taking place. From the original message:

PHPChatUser5: Just be ready, both of you, I’ll have your locations by Saturday – Fe, yours will likely be near the museum right by you with the rusty towers. “Al”, the other is on the eastern side of Berlin, by a derelict building in Mitte. I’ll need you to go the next day AT the time I give! Look for me in one of our spots. Also, I’m handling Sargash.

The picture was taken on “4/24/09 18:41″ which is believed to be 10am GMT. If you follow the instructions to go the next day it would be Saturday, April 25 at 16:00 hrs (local or GMT is unknown). But, it could just as easily be on Sunday, so if you really want to be a part of this, you might have to plan to camp out in Berlin or Madrid for several hours.

@Merzmensch reports that nothing happened at Berlin location on Saturday 16:00hrs local time. So scratch one possibility off the list.

Further information: Unfiction forumsPatmo forumsStar Trek ARG forums#arg chat on

Update: Both events went down on Sunday, April 26 at 16:00hrs local time. @amos_vm, @siedler_2005 and @Amujan were at the Berlin event. They found people in the area handing out flyers asking about information about two Romulans. The fliers provided a phone number to call which informed callers that the two individuals were extreme public threats. They also saw people spraying graffiti stencils also asking if you have seen these individuals.

Eventually, the trio found a backlot where the Romulans had been camping out like hobos. They found a sleeping bag covered in green blood and another person in the area had gotten a message via bluetooth and agreed to email it so that others could see it. It’s a video with some QR Codes shown throughout.

I haven’t been able to find any written reports on the Madrid mission. @colgado47 tweeted that he received a Bluetooth message while in Madrid, but provides no other reports.

Unfiction recapArgonaut recap

Star Trek – Dead Drop – Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop
Location: Town halls in Paris, France / Tokyo, Japan / Los Angeles, California / Berlin, Germany
Date: Unknown. Possibly April 25
Status: Incomplete Concluded – Game Finished

Geoff Greatbatch sent a high resolution photo that contained Romulan characters written on a board. When translated into numbers, four sets of coordinates are revealed that point to locations near City Halls:

48.8567,2.3510 – Paris City Hall
35.6895,139.6947 – Tokyo, City hall
34.0522,-118.2404 – LA, City Hall
52.5231,13.4114 – Berlin, City Hall

As to what is going to be at each of these coordinates, or even when people should go look, is unknown at this point in time. It seems to be related to the previous breadcrumbs given by PHPChatUser5, despite the fact that Madrid is not in the list.

Further information: Unfiction chat on

Update: Not sure if anything ever occurred at the coordinates. However the game is over so nothing will be happening now. I keep hoping for a PM chat to be announced so that we can find out if anything was supposed to happen or not.

ARGR Get Together Saturday – Koblenz, Germany

Event: ARGR Get Together Saturday
Type: ARG Meet
Location: Kaffeewirtschaft in Münzplatz in Koblenz
Date: 2 May 2009, 19:00

Via ARGReporter, there will be a meet up of the ARG community in Western Germany on 2 May 2009 around 19:00 at Kaffeewirtschaft in Münzplatz in Koblenz. If you are in the area, and interested in ARGs past or present, stop in and say hi.

Further information: ARGReporter

Star Trek – Dead Drop – Berlin, Madrid

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop
Location: Berlin, Germany & Madrid, Spain
Date: April 25, 2009
Status: Completed – New information given here Better update information

On, PHPChatUser5 gave out the following instructions that may or may not indicate that a dead drop or meeting will be taking place.

Just be ready, both of you, I’ll have your locations by Saturday – Fe, yours will likely be near the museum right by you with the rusty towers. “Al”, the other is on the eastern side of Berlin, by a derelict building in Mitte. I’ll need you to go the next day AT the time I give! Look for me in one of our spots. Also, I’m handling Sargash.

According to Wikipedia, Mitte is the central borough of Berlin and encompasses Berlin’s historic core. The area includes some of the most important tourist sites in Berlin.

Although the location for Fe is unknown, based upon his known language and the description of the place, players believe it to be near the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.

Further information: Unfiction forum

Update: Possible new information given in this post. Specific Berlin & Madrid coordinates and times

Thank you @Merzmensch for tweeting.

Charlotte – Finale Event – Berlin, Germany

Game: Charlotte Is Becoming Real
Type: Possible Finale Event
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: leave April 17, return April 20
Cost: $450 $0 for 2 lucky players
Completed: Yes

To be honest, I have no idea if this is an actual possibility or not. On one hand, it’s a last minute trip overseas that you have to pay for. On the other, it’s well known that Sebastian Fitzek is insane when it comes to game stuff that he pulls off (see the Alzner Experiment). All I know is, I am very tempted and I shouldn’t be.

From the Charlotte event at Terazza Toscana, we found a new website for a travel agency: Thatch and Sons Those people that submitted their information inquiring about one of the three specials got an email back about Special III that costs $450.

Special Offer III is one of our best offers. The costs for the flight are included. You can choose to depart at an airport near your hometown. [...] Your journey will begin on Friday and you will arrive Berlin on Saturday. There you will be provided a rented car for the whole weekend. It has a build-in navigation system so that you will find your way to the hotel, which is not too far away from the airport. There you check in and have some interesting days in Berlin. On monday, you will be in the plane again and it will bring you back to your hometown. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Shall I give you a call so that we can set up things?

Is this for real? Part of me thinks that they wouldn’t be offering it if it wasn’t. The other part of me is wondering why we couldn’t have been given more time to think about it! We’ve seen before that last minute, fly-in-for-the-weekend events don’t work (see Holomove) but give people enough time and they’ll drive anywhere (see Eldritch Errors).

If you want to go, contact Thatch and Sons and try to set things up with them. Or, if you happen to already be in Germany, maybe you can see if you can just get the hotel package.

Further information: Unfiction threadThatch and Sons

Update: HOLY FRAKING CRAP! After a series of emails in which players told the Thatchs that P. Martin had given us their website address, we were told that P. Martin had pre-paid to trips to Berlin this weekend. PRE-PAID!!! As I have no husband/kids/life to stop me from traveling out of the country last minute, enaxor (my new bestest friend in world) gave Edward Thatch my contact information (since the site is currently blocked at work). A couple of phone calls and emails later, and I am now just waiting on flight and hotel information for the trip tomorrow. Pinkcloud from San Diego is the other person going along for what is shaping up to be one of the best live events EVAR in an ARG.

Update 2: Mission was a success! PinkCloud and I had the best time in Berlin. Thanks to everyone in #therapy, the German Alzner fans, and the PMs for such a fantastic event. You can catch all the fun at the Kyte Channel that we were broadcasting to during the event.