Book Reading – NYC

Event: Book Reading with Sebastian Fitzek and Karen Dionne
Location: Bookstore Café, NYC
Date: July 9, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Sebastian Fitzek, author of Therapy the novel the ARG Charlotte Is Becoming Real was based on, will be appearing at the Bookstore Café in NYC along with Karen Dionne as part of the Housing Works events. They will be reading from their recent works and will be discussing thrillers and thriller writing.

The Bookstore Café is located at 126 Crosby Street, New York City.

Further Information: Housing Works website or call 212-334-332

Charlotte – Finale Event – Berlin, Germany

Game: Charlotte Is Becoming Real
Type: Possible Finale Event
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: leave April 17, return April 20
Cost: $450 $0 for 2 lucky players
Completed: Yes

To be honest, I have no idea if this is an actual possibility or not. On one hand, it’s a last minute trip overseas that you have to pay for. On the other, it’s well known that Sebastian Fitzek is insane when it comes to game stuff that he pulls off (see the Alzner Experiment). All I know is, I am very tempted and I shouldn’t be.

From the Charlotte event at Terazza Toscana, we found a new website for a travel agency: Thatch and Sons Those people that submitted their information inquiring about one of the three specials got an email back about Special III that costs $450.

Special Offer III is one of our best offers. The costs for the flight are included. You can choose to depart at an airport near your hometown. [...] Your journey will begin on Friday and you will arrive Berlin on Saturday. There you will be provided a rented car for the whole weekend. It has a build-in navigation system so that you will find your way to the hotel, which is not too far away from the airport. There you check in and have some interesting days in Berlin. On monday, you will be in the plane again and it will bring you back to your hometown. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Shall I give you a call so that we can set up things?

Is this for real? Part of me thinks that they wouldn’t be offering it if it wasn’t. The other part of me is wondering why we couldn’t have been given more time to think about it! We’ve seen before that last minute, fly-in-for-the-weekend events don’t work (see Holomove) but give people enough time and they’ll drive anywhere (see Eldritch Errors).

If you want to go, contact Thatch and Sons and try to set things up with them. Or, if you happen to already be in Germany, maybe you can see if you can just get the hotel package.

Further information: Unfiction threadThatch and Sons

Update: HOLY FRAKING CRAP! After a series of emails in which players told the Thatchs that P. Martin had given us their website address, we were told that P. Martin had pre-paid to trips to Berlin this weekend. PRE-PAID!!! As I have no husband/kids/life to stop me from traveling out of the country last minute, enaxor (my new bestest friend in world) gave Edward Thatch my contact information (since the site is currently blocked at work). A couple of phone calls and emails later, and I am now just waiting on flight and hotel information for the trip tomorrow. Pinkcloud from San Diego is the other person going along for what is shaping up to be one of the best live events EVAR in an ARG.

Update 2: Mission was a success! PinkCloud and I had the best time in Berlin. Thanks to everyone in #therapy, the German Alzner fans, and the PMs for such a fantastic event. You can catch all the fun at the Kyte Channel that we were broadcasting to during the event.

Charlotte – Character Meet – NYC

Game: Charlotte Is Becoming Real
Type: Character Meet
Location: Terazza Toscana, NYC
Date: April 15, 2009, 5pm
Completed: Yes

Players received a distorted audio file from P. Martin with the following instructions:

I arranged an appointment for you. Meet me tomorrow at 5 p.m. The place is called Terazza Toscana. Ask for my name when you enter the place. I hope you will be there. At least one of you should show up, otherwise you won’t stop it.

Players attending should ask for P. Martin (or possibly Ivan Krotzler / Isabell Alzner / Clare Alzner / Julia Schwarz / Penny the Receptionist / Jimmy the IT Guy / a Dingo) and be prepared to find out what we should be stopping.

Further information: Unfiction thread

Update: Mission was a success. Rebel2k4 and his father went to the restaurant to meet with P. Martin. They were shown to a table for 2 and given a large manila envelope with a tape recorder, several pieces of paper and a brochure.

Charlotte – Dead Drop – Central Park, NYC

Game: Charlotte Is Becoming Real
Type: Dead drop cache
Location: Central Park, NYC – N 40° 47.704′, W 73°57.587′
Date: dropped April 12, 2009, picked up April 14
Completed: Yes

Dead drop coordinates retrieved from a puzzle in a letter. The puzzle solve is fairly shaky (there have been three different sets of coordinates so far), but the current coordinates point to the corner of trails by The Pool, which would seem like an ideal spot.

Cache content is unknown, but possibly a microcassette recorder (wrapped in newspaper inside a Ziploc bag).

Further information: Unfiction thread

Update: After two searches of the area by rebel2k4, Jimmy the IT guy was sent out. Despite “having some troubles with the first coordinates because they weren’t too exact” (I’m sure it wasn’t because the puzzle was flawed at all), a bag with a girls white dress was found in a hole covered by a stone.

Sadly, the first attempt at using @arg_deaddrop has failed miserably. Here’s to hoping that future endeavors will be more successful.