Lego Pod – Dead Drop – Orlando, Florida (Pod #2)

Game: Lego Pod
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Southeastern US – Florida – Orlando
Date: Early December
Status: Concluded

The Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis has been tracking a strange set of seven signals originating from deep space. After decoding the first signal, they discovered that it gave them an ever narrowing set of coordinates that eventually led them to Legoland in Billund, Denmark where they discovered a Lego Pod manned by a alien pilot in stasis.

There are now six more Lego Pods that need to be recovered. The Bradford Rant Institute is “decoding” the signals one at a time, so we only have access to Pod 2′s location information at this point. Because the Lego Pod keep updating their coordinates to a more specific area as they get closer to Earth, right now the only thing we know is that it will be landing somewhere in the Southeastern United States.

Update: New set of map coordinates given on November 24, 2009 places the landing zone somewhere in Florida.

Update 2: The landing zone has been confirmed for Orlando, FL.


Map as of November 30, 2009

As it gets closer, the landing area will shrink until a final location is broadcast. Then it will be time for someone to go and collect the Lego Pod. The Bradford Rant Institute has helpfully provided a set of guidelines to help ensure a safe Lego Pod collection process.

  • Each signal transmits a set of map coordinates. The last set shows the exact location of the pod
  • We believe the pods are attracted to large amounts of LEGO┬« bricks and/or imagination
  • Once we decipher the last set of map coordinates we will try to inform persons at the location to secure the pod
  • If you arrive at a pod location, look for the contact person
  • When you find the contact person, tell them the number of the pod you seek, e.g. ‘Pod No.2′. Be sure to write down the Pod ID.
  • The first person to arrive at the pod location and tell the contact the correct pod number will receive the pod
  • It is still very important for others to make their way to the pod location and record the Pod ID
  • Take photos and video footage and send it to us here at Bradford Rant Your data may help others in their search
  • REMEMBER: Always write down the Pod ID!

The Pod ID is very important as it unlocks data in the mainframe computer revealing more information about the origins of the pod.

So, if you’re in the Southeastern US, keep checking back here for updates on the Lego Pod’s location. And if you’re elsewhere in the world, you might want to keep track of updates to this game in case one the other 5 pods decides to land near you.

Further Information: Bradford Rant Institute@bradfordrant#legopodFriends of Bradford RantUnfiction thread