Secret Lewis – Live Event – Barcelona, Spain

Game: Secret Lewis
Type: Live Event
Location: Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Date: Saturday, 30th October, 3-4pm
Status: Concluded

Poor Lewis Hamilton. While he was out stealing back works of art, someone went and stole his favorite trophy and is holding it hostage. In order to get it back unharmed, Lewis needs to rally his followers and have them perform a variety of tasks. Most of the these tasks have been in the form of puzzles (and after failing one puzzle, the trophy now sports a new dent). But the latest task requires Lewis to “get a person to the right place at the right time” somewhere in the world.

I want at least one of you to go to Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona tomorrow between 3pm and 4pm. You should look for a woman carrying balloons and say that Alexander sent you. She will give you further instructions.

As I can’t imagine this deviating too far from the previous events, be ready to run around the city following a set of clues to an end point where you will possibly be rewarded. Unless you have some sort of phobia against balloons, then I would recommend possibly just staying home.

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