Mark of the Spider-Man – Dead Drop – Nationwide

Game: Mark of the Spider-Man
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle
Date: February 14, 2012
Status: Concluded

The Mark of the Spider-Man viral site has updated with six locations for a new series of dead drops for the movie. It appears that each city will have an associated Twitter account that will tweet out clues to several different dead drops. The first person (over 18) at each location who gives the appropriate password will receive a prize (the first Atlanta drop looks to contain two sweatshirts, a phone, plus instructions for later). Currently, new clues for each city go up 45 minutes after the previous drop was found, so plan accordingly if you’re looking to grab one of the drops.

Atlanta @caughtinatlweb

  1. In front of the Info Board at corner of Bobby Dodd Way and Techwood Dr. Password is “Collective.” – Retrieved
  2. Outside 543 Flat Shoals Ave SE. Password is “Demonstration.” – Retrieved
  3. At the south entrance of Piedmont Park off 10th St by the flagpole on the rotunda. Password is “Outcry.” – Unclaimed
    Piedmont Park assignment is relocating. At Inman Park playground by Marta Station off Euclid. Password is “Reclamation.” – Retrieved
  4. Inside 909 Ponce de Leon NE. Password is “Fearless.” – Retrieved
  5. At Atlantic Station in central park on bench. Password is “Outcry.” – Retrieved

New York City @nycwebslinger

  1. Inside the coffee shop at Astor Place in the SE corner of the store. Password is “Wall-Crawler.” – Retrieved
  2. At a table by the fountain inside the plaza by the coffee shop at 55 E 52nd St. Password is “Underground.” – Retrieved
  3. On the stairs outside the movie theatre at Houston and Mercer. Password is “Enigma.” – Retrieved
  4. On the SE corner of W 41st and Broadway. “Password is Web-Slinger.” – Retrieved
  5. 210 Forsyth St, south of Houston, in front of toy store. Password is “Solidarity.” – Retrieved

Denver @Webbedindenver

  1. At the mushroom benches on the east side of Packy Romans Park. Password is “Righteous.” – Retrieved
  2. Outside old record shop on Colfax Ave at Columbine St. Password is “Powerful.” – Retrieved
  3. In front of the Rec Center in Eisenhower Park. Entrance off Dartmouth Ave. Password is “Year of the Spider.” – Retrieved
  4. In front of the gates at Fairmount on Quebec St. Password is “United.” – Retrieved
  5. At tennis courts facing Louisiana Avenue in Washington Park. Password is “Neighborhood.” – Retrieved

Phoenix @phoenix4spiderm

  1. At water park in Tempe Town Lake off N. Mill Ave. Password is “Vigilance.” – Retrieved
  2. At table by bridge to Amp. Island in Encanto Park. Password is “Hero.” – Retrieved
  3. At the pyramid by the tomb in Papago Park. Password is “Justice. – Retrieved
  4. In front of the trolly museum at N Central Ave and Culver St. Password is “Fortitude.” – Retrieved
  5. Downstairs in entryway of the art museum at Mill Ave & E 10th St. Password is “Team Spider-Man.” – Retrieved

Seattle @seattlewebheads

  1. In front of the information booth at Pike St and 1st Ave. Password is “Reckoning. – Retrieved
  2. The Gasworks Park interior picnic area. Password is “Stand Up.” – Retrieved
  3. At the sculptures across the street from the library on 4th ave at Madison. Password is “Writing on the Wall.” – Retrieved
  4. In front of sculpture in Kerry Park, Highland & 2nd Ave. Password is “Tangle of Truth. – Retrieved
  5. At the Black Sun sculpture in Volunteer Park. Password is “Arachnid.” – Retrieved

Los Angeles @SpiderManMarkLA

  1. In front of the movie theatre by the main fountain in The Grove. Password is “Amazing.” – Retrieved
  2. At the benches on the NW corner of 3rd & Wilshire by large tree. Password is “Crime-fighter.” – Retrieved
  3. At the light poles by the art museum at Wilshire & Fairfax. Password is “Mask.” – Retrieved
  4. On steps across the street from entrance to central library on 5th St. Password is “Destiny.” – Retrieved
  5. In the middle of the handprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Password is “Spider Mark. – Retrieved

Further Information: Mark of the Spider-Man@markofspiderman@caughtinatlweb (Atlanta Twitter) — @nycwebslinger (NYC Twitter) — @Webbedindenver (Denver Twitter) — @phoenix4spiderm (Phoenix Twitter) — @seattlewebheads (Seattle Twitter) — @SpiderManMarkLA (LA Twitter)

Legends of Alcatraz – Live Event – San Francisco

Game: Legends of Alcatraz
Type: Live Event
Location: Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA
Date: January 27-29, 2012 9:14pm
Capacity: First 302 people at Pier 33 at 6:00pm
Status: Concluded

Fox’s new series Alcatraz premiered on Monday night (January 16) and to promote it, they’ve launched a campaign that “task[s players] to solve perplexing anomalies and crack the many puzzles that surround [Alcatraz]. The search will lead some of you to seek out clues in the city streets, and may even bring those who dare to the island itself.”

Visiting leads you to a puzzle where you must determine at what time the Alcatraz Spaghetti Riot was scheduled to start.

(Highlight to read method spoiler)

The missing letters from the sign are Roman Numerals: CMXIV which is 914 or 9:14

Inputting 9:14 into the answer box gives you a message that “It Begins” on January 27, 28 and 29 at 9:14 at Alcatraz. The linked twitter account @AlcatrazLegends shows off a photo of a metal box that just so happens to have been received by several different bloggers, so it’s possible that more boxes may be given away to those that show up.

It’s hard to say at this point in time what Fox has up its sleeve for event but at least they scheduled this for the weekend so you wouldn’t necessarily have to take off from work if you didn’t want to. If you need to be on the island by 9:14, has a tour that leaves Pier 33 at 9:00am but it costs $26 so take that into consideration before deciding to see what may (or may not) happen (unless of course Fox springs for a chartered boat to take some lucky people out to Alcatraz or you know where to find cheaper tickets). Hopefully @AlcatrazLegends will provide more details soon.

Update: Fox has finally given us more information about what will be happening.

Dr. Soto has arranged exclusive night-time access to the Rock for those interested in helping him solve mysteries for his new book “LEGENDS OF ALCATRAZ”

The first 302 volunteers to check in when and where we say on Friday are selected.

    What to bring:
  • A flashlight
  • Warm Clothes
  • A comfortable pair of shoes
  • Event lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Food and drink are not provided.
  • Parking is not provided.
  • If under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Valid ID required.

Exact details to be announced here and on Twitter: @AlcatrazLegends #LegendsofAlcatraz

Update 2: The first 302 people to check in at Pier 33 starting at 6:00pm will be selected. The boat leaves at 7:00pm so if you get selected, be prepared to hang out so you don’t miss the boat.

Further Information:

Test Subjects Needed / Human Preservation Project- Dead Drops – Nationwide

Game: Test Subjects Needed / Mission Ice Fly / Human Preservation Project
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Tampa, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas
Date: November 17, 2011, 12:00 PM EST
Status: Concluded

The Human Preservation Project is having yet another round of dead drops for individuals lucky enough to have the day off on Thursday, November 17th. The countdown page is promising that this is the HPP’s biggest expedition yet, so maybe it will be more than first come, first served (but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that).

Although the countdown page doesn’t list the “rules” that were given out on previous missions, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow them in order to maximize your chances at getting one of the last remaining ice flies.

• Sign up at
• Bring a mobile phone with you that can receive text messages.
• Be prepared for only one package available per location (first come, first served)

There’s a coordination thread over at Unfiction where if you want to plan your strategy (or just check out the competition).

Further Information: SurvivalCode.comMission Ice FlyUnfiction thread

Zoetrap – Finale Event – San Francisco

Game: Zoetrap
Type: Finale Event
Location: Cellar Bar, 685 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA
Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2011, 7:30pm
Status: Concluded

After searching bloody hotel rooms, sorting through paranormal emails and voicemails, and taking walks through San Francisco, players were finally able to solve enough clues to unlock the hexed documents folder on Oliver’s phone.

I: Number of cards in Major Arcana
II: Word Oliver said during his dreams
III: Word spelled out in his last tarot reading.

Inputting “XXII Capti Animas” unlocked a psychic pass to a trial on Oliver’s phone. A few minutes later, updated with details as to when Oliver’s trial would take place.

TIME: 7.30PM

So if you are in San Francisco and want to help (or even condemn) Oliver, head over to the Cellar Bar tonight. At the very least, you should be able to meet some very cool ARG players and creators. If you’re not in San Francisco, the website promises to update with what happens, so that everyone can still play along.

Further Information: Zoetrap@_zoetrap on TwitterAudioboo Voicemails.

Zoetrap – Live Event – San Francisco, CA

Game: Zoetrap
Type: Live Event
Location: Room 2413 at Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Date: Monday, October 31, 2011
Status: Concluded

Storyworld 2011 is taking place in San Francisco this week and at least one new ARG is taking advantage.

Oliver Drew is an Occult Transmedia producer who had planned to present some workshops at Storyworld where he would demonstrate “how to harness the power of the spirit world as a transmedia platform.” Except that during a Twitter seance last night, something went wrong and now he’s missing.

His girlfriend, @eva_lake is asking / begging anyone in the area to go check out his room to see if they can find any clues as to what happened to him.

I’m begging everyone at #swc11 who’s reading this, go to room 2413 at Parc 55 hotel. I need your help to find Oliver. #zoetrap

It’s possible that Oliver’s infamous zoetrope is still in the room and that it will hold clues to his disappearance. I can say from experience that searching through a hotel room for an ARG is unlike anything else. If you go, try to document everything just in case you aren’t allowed to remove anything from the room. You never know what might end up being important.

Update: @eva_lake has tweeted a cleaner version of the QR code that was in the Paranormal Press article.

It leads to an iTunes app where a lot of the game will play out (at least according to some behind-the-scenes information taken from the Zoetrope IndieGoGo page). So if you’re wanting to follow along, be sure to download the app. (Disclosure – at the moment I am unable to get the app myself so I have no idea if there is a charge for it or not. So please double check for yourself before downloading.)
It’s free, but only for iPhones / iPod Touches. However, you can view the videos at and listen to the voicemails at Audioboo.

Further Information: Zoetrap“>@_zoetrap on TwitterNo Comments | In: concluded, live event, zoetrap | tags: , , , . | #

The Darkest Puzzle – Dead Drop – NYC

Game: The Darkest Puzzle
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Grand Ferry Park in Brooklyn, NY
Date: dropped August 31, 2011
Status: Concluded

The Darkest Puzzle is a 9/11 conspiracy ARG that has just recently started. It’s newest “puzzle” is a video of a man who appears to be hiding something in some rocks on a waterfront. Players have determined that it is the Grand Ferry Park in Brooklyn, NY. No idea what is there or even why that location was chosen (hopefully the item is waterproof) but presumably it’s important enough to warrant a video of it’s drop on the game’s Facebook page.

Further Information: The Darkest PuzzleThe Darkest Puzzle on Facebook@darkestpuzzle on TwitterUnfiction thread

Thanks to @wikibruce for the heads up.

The Inside Experience – Finale Event – Los Angeles, CA

Game: The Inside Experience
Type: Finale Event
Location: Union Station, Los Angeles, CA
Date: Thursday, August 4th at 8:15am PDT
Status: Concluded

The InsideExperience tweeted a bit about the finale.

The final episode of INSIDE airs tomorrow morning. And for those of you who live in LA… we’ll be at Union Station at 8:15 am. Will you?

Several characters are converging on the site since supposedly that is where the kidnapped brunette will be. It’s possible that you can see her get rescued (since I supposed it’s too much to hope that she and the kidnapper would both get run over by a train). But as it’s virtually impossible to find any information on the Facebook pages about what is going on, it’s pretty much up in the air as to what exactly will go down. Just keep that in mind if you decide to head downtown around rush hour.

Further Information: The Inside Experience

LAGP / Order of Umbra – Scavenger Hunt – San Diego, CA

Game: LAGP (Los Angeles Ghost Patrol) / Order of Umbra
Type: Scavenger Hunt
Location: San Diego Comic Con General Area
Date: Posted July 22, 2011
Status: Concluded

The Order of Umbra is looking for a few good men and women to join them as a First Degree Initiate.

Follow in our Founder’s footsteps and descend into Hell.
‘Tis a journey thru San Diego that will prepare the Profane
for the tasks of a First Degree Initiate to the Order of Umbra.
Search for the mark of Umbra at each location.

It appears that they have set up a scavenger hunt around San Deigo (I guess Comic Con goers are the sort of initiates they are looking for). Right now, only the first location is revealed on the webpage (although with a bit of trickery, the rest can be found as well). No idea what is at each site, or if you have to sign up beforehand. So if you’re the first person there, please let someone know about it.

Further Information: Los Angeles Ghost PatrolOrder of UmbraUnfiction thread#stfeline IRC room

Test Subjects Needed – Dead Drop – Nationwide

Game: Test Subjects Needed / Mission Ice Fly
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland, Dallas, Washington DC, Nashville, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Seattle, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta
Date: June 30, 2011, 2:00 PM EDT
Status: Concluded

Test Subjects Needed has updated their Mission Ice Fly website to hint that there will be some kind of dead drop happening in several cities this Thursday.

ATTENTION TEST SUBJECTS: Starting at 00:00:00:00:000 we will need one volunteer in each of the listed locations to follow a signal.

• Bring a mobile phone with you (standard text messaging rates apply)
• You will need to use your online user name from during the mission (register here in advance)
• Only one package available per location (first come, first served)

They’ve already begun coordinating on the Unfiction forums, so if you’re interested in trying to be the one lucky individual who gets to participate in your city, make sure to register at Test Subjects Needed and make yourself known on the forums.

Further Information: Test Subjects NeededMission Ice FlyUnfiction thread

Villain Training – Dead Drop – London, UK

Game: Villain Training
Type: Dead Drop
Location: London, UK
Date: dropped sometime before April 28, 2011
Status: Concluded

After a very long break (are games just not having live events now or am I really that out of the loop these days?), here is a new dead drop for all of you. Just in time for the Royal Wedding! I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake to go and find this with so many people camping out, hoping to catch a glimpse of royalty.

According to the Unfiction forums, the dead drop for Villain Training is on the Nelson statue in Trafalgar Square. Which is about 1/2 mile away from Westminster Abbey. So I would maybe recommend against going on Friday, unless of course you’re already waiting near there. Then in that case, search away!

Further Information: Villain TrainingUnfiction thread