Zoetrap – Finale Event – San Francisco

Game: Zoetrap
Type: Finale Event
Location: Cellar Bar, 685 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA
Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2011, 7:30pm
Status: Concluded

After searching bloody hotel rooms, sorting through paranormal emails and voicemails, and taking walks through San Francisco, players were finally able to solve enough clues to unlock the hexed documents folder on Oliver’s phone.

I: Number of cards in Major Arcana
II: Word Oliver said during his dreams
III: Word spelled out in his last tarot reading.

Inputting “XXII Capti Animas” unlocked a psychic pass to a trial on Oliver’s phone. A few minutes later, zoetrap.com updated with details as to when Oliver’s trial would take place.

TIME: 7.30PM

So if you are in San Francisco and want to help (or even condemn) Oliver, head over to the Cellar Bar tonight. At the very least, you should be able to meet some very cool ARG players and creators. If you’re not in San Francisco, the website promises to update with what happens, so that everyone can still play along.

Further Information: Zoetrap@_zoetrap on TwitterAudioboo Voicemails.

Zoetrap – Live Event – San Francisco, CA

Game: Zoetrap
Type: Live Event
Location: Room 2413 at Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Date: Monday, October 31, 2011
Status: Concluded

Storyworld 2011 is taking place in San Francisco this week and at least one new ARG is taking advantage.

Oliver Drew is an Occult Transmedia producer who had planned to present some workshops at Storyworld where he would demonstrate “how to harness the power of the spirit world as a transmedia platform.” Except that during a Twitter seance last night, something went wrong and now he’s missing.

His girlfriend, @eva_lake is asking / begging anyone in the area to go check out his room to see if they can find any clues as to what happened to him.

I’m begging everyone at #swc11 who’s reading this, go to room 2413 at Parc 55 hotel. I need your help to find Oliver. #zoetrap

It’s possible that Oliver’s infamous zoetrope is still in the room and that it will hold clues to his disappearance. I can say from experience that searching through a hotel room for an ARG is unlike anything else. If you go, try to document everything just in case you aren’t allowed to remove anything from the room. You never know what might end up being important.

Update: @eva_lake has tweeted a cleaner version of the QR code that was in the Paranormal Press article.

It leads to an iTunes app where a lot of the game will play out (at least according to some behind-the-scenes information taken from the Zoetrope IndieGoGo page). So if you’re wanting to follow along, be sure to download the app. (Disclosure – at the moment I am unable to get the app myself so I have no idea if there is a charge for it or not. So please double check for yourself before downloading.)
It’s free, but only for iPhones / iPod Touches. However, you can view the videos at zoetrap.com and listen to the voicemails at Audioboo.

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