Flash Mob – The Sect Is Here – Vancouver, BC

Game: The Sect Is Here
Type: Flash Mob
Location: Vancouver Art Gallery (on Granville between Hornby and Howe), Vancouver, BC
Date: September 28, 2009 at 2pm
Status: Concluded

There is a Flash Mob scheduled for today in support of the ARG The Sect Is Here for the upcoming webseries Riese. The event will be at 2pm, September 28 at the Vancouver Art Gallery, located on Granville between Hornby and Howe.

The flash mob will be protesting the group called The Sect, so it is asked that all participants dress accordingly.

  • All black with NO LOGOS OR BRANDS.
  • Something to hide their face (mask, bandana, scarves, hoods, t-shirts, etc.).
  • In addition, participants are encouraged to bring signs, banners, etc. with NO profanity.

Please keep in mind that this is a fake protest, so remember to be respectful of your location. Littering, unruly behavior or general asshattedness to authority are not things that will be smiled upon, so please behave.

Further Information: Craigslist posting for the Flash MobRiese Facebook PageUnfiction Thread

Thanks to notgordian for alerting me in IRC about this event.