Skynet Research – TV Spots – NYC and LA

Game: Skynet Research
Type: TV Spots
Location: WNYW Fox 5 – NYC / KCOP My13 – LA
Date: May 9 & 15 – 2:00 am NYC / May 10 & 16 – 2:00 am LA
Status: Complete

Skynet Research is going to be airing their new infomercial on FOX affiliates later this week. Despite the fact that you can already see it on their Vimeo page, the Resistance site Resist or Be Terminated believes that something new might be hidden in the broadcast versions.

So if you live in NYC or LA, fire up your DVR and record the infomercial and see if there is anything puzzley to be found.

Further Information: Unfiction threadResist or Be Terminated blog

Update: The first two infomercials have aired, and hacked the feed and broadcast their own version of the infomercial. They plan on hacking the next two broadcasts as well, so there still might be new information to be had.