PIE Theory – Live Event – San Francisco

Game: PIE Theory
Type: Live Event
Location: San Francisco, CA – Moscone Center
Date: 2:00pm, June 2, 2009
Status: Successful

Photographic evidence has suggested that members of The Cartel are going to be at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco. The writing in the photograph shows that the man (named The Wish) is interested in checking out Java Utopia in the Pavilion at 2:00pm. You can register for a free Pavilion pass at the JavaOne registration page.

If you’re in San Francisco and feel like taking a long lunch hour, it might be worth checking out. Not entirely sure what you would need to accomplish, but my brief research suggests that The WISH is behind the kidnapping of one of the PIE guys named Baron, so a rescue attempt may be on the menu. If you do decide to go, I’d hop over to the PIE forums and see if you could meet up with anyone else who might be checking out the conference.

Further information: PIE Theory FourmUnfiction forum

Thanks to Lysithea for originally posting to Unfiction

Update: You can see video from the event on the PIE Theory forum.