LAGP / Order of Umbra – Scavenger Hunt – San Diego, CA

Game: LAGP (Los Angeles Ghost Patrol) / Order of Umbra
Type: Scavenger Hunt
Location: San Diego Comic Con General Area
Date: Posted July 22, 2011
Status: Concluded

The Order of Umbra is looking for a few good men and women to join them as a First Degree Initiate.

Follow in our Founder’s footsteps and descend into Hell.
‘Tis a journey thru San Diego that will prepare the Profane
for the tasks of a First Degree Initiate to the Order of Umbra.
Search for the mark of Umbra at each location.

It appears that they have set up a scavenger hunt around San Deigo (I guess Comic Con goers are the sort of initiates they are looking for). Right now, only the first location is revealed on the webpage (although with a bit of trickery, the rest can be found as well). No idea what is at each site, or if you have to sign up beforehand. So if you’re the first person there, please let someone know about it.

Further Information: Los Angeles Ghost PatrolOrder of UmbraUnfiction thread#stfeline IRC room