Male Carrla – Dead Drop – Nashua, NH

Game: Male Carrla
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Nashua, NH
Date: July 26, 2010 12:00 – 15:00
Status: Concluded

Over the past few days, members of the Unfiction forums had been trying to decipher an email from someone calling themselves Male Carrla. The solution to the puzzle seemed to indicate that it was a waste of time, however the players were told to expect something new soon. That something new turned out to be a Tumblr site that promised a series of dead drops:

:: First stop: Nashua, NH ETA: 7/26/10 12:00-15:00

So let’s move on. Once I get close enough to the targeted time, I shall disclose where the first drops will 7be. It will be controlled by a first come first serve basis. Anybody interested in it can come by and pick it up. Checking out once again, I’m hoping to see you all on the battle field.

So far that is all the information given, though more information should be coming tomorrow (if there really is a dead drop that is). So if you’re in the Nashua area (or just like over cryptic and enigmatic emails with no real purpose) you might want to keep an eye on the UF thread. Just be smart if you do go and pick up a drop. I wouldn’t recommend going to a secluded forest by yourself or anything like that.

Further Information: Unfiction threadWho Is the Roadman Tumblr