Maddison Atkins – Dead Drop – Tucson, AZ

Game: Maddison Atkins
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Rattlesnake Bridge, Tucson, AZ
Date: dropped July 15, 2009
Status: Complete

A new postcard was received by Maddison Atkins that points to a dead drop at the Rattlesnake Bridge in Tucson, AZ.

In between Rattlesnakes mouth and plaque look to the ground pop the topicv [or topic v / top icv]

The current theory is that it’s this Rattlesnake Bridge located at E Broadway Blvd & Euclid Ave in Tucson. The players believe that the plaque in question is near the “head” of the snake.

So if you are in the Tucson area and feel like taking a trip out to what has to be one of the oddest pedestrian bridges out there, let the Maddison Atkins players know and become their hero.

Update: The dead drop has been retrieved by @ClearBoxMedia.

Further information: Maddison Atkins fourm

Maddison Atkins – Dead Drop – Omaha,NE

Game: Madison Atkins
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, Nebraska
Date: Dropped sometime before June 23, 2009
Status: Completed

A postcard was sent to Maddison Atkins that contained a number puzzle which, when decoded, gave instructions on how to find a dead drop. (This might be the dead drop that was talked about before but since I have specific information this time, it gets a new entry.)

hold your breath
close the lid
i am a man
the same god made us both
my water
pocket john
five zero seven

Based upon the picture and postmark of the postcard, as well as the decode, the MA players believe that the drop is at Standing Bear Lake at Union 507, possibly in a mens porta-potty.

hold your breath – its gonna smell
close the lid – close the lid of the toilet seat
reach – reach for the item
i am a man
the same god made us both – quote about Standing Bear
my water
pocket john
five zero seven – Union 507 surrounds one of the Parking Areas

There doesn’t seem to be any indication as to what will be at this drop, so be prepared for anything. I would suggest exchanging contact information with one of the MA players so that if you can’t find anything at the park, they can brainstorm other possible hiding spots with you. And if you can provide photographic/video evidence of your pickup for the players, I know they would appreciate it.

Further Information: Maddison Atkins forum — #maddison on

Thanks to @mjandersen for trying to alert me (twitter client fail on my end) and Kelseygirl15 for telling me in IRC.

Update: The dead drop was recovered by a girl named Jenn. It was a white envelope hidden inside an outhouse at the park.

Maddison Atkins – Dead Drop

Game: Madison Atkins
Type: Dead Drop
Location: unknown
Date: Dropped sometime before June 10, 2009
Status: Incomplete

The Madison Atkins ARG has recently rebooted and apparently there is already a dead drop out there to find. contacted the Puppetmaster for some exclusive hints, and this is what the PM had to say (emphasis mine):

Hmmm Exclusive Tips… I do know that people are already passing up opportunities to progress the plot. It’s not something they can just watch, and waiting has its consequences. They have to interact to uncover what is next. To be absolutely honest, there’s a drop out there right now that the fans might miss if they don’t hurry up …. I don’t know if that’s what you were looking for, but there you are.

There isn’t a lot of information as to what this drop is, or even where it’s located, but if you would like to help out, you can check out the Madison Atkins forum thread about this mysterious dead drop.

Further information: Unfiction forumMadison Atkins forum

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