The Society for Linian Studies – Dead Drop – NYC

Game: The Society for Linian Studies
Type: Dead drop
Location: Riverside Branch of the NYPL, 127 Amsterdam Ave 9 [at W. 65th St.], NYC
Date: Dropped sometime before August 21, 2009
Status: Concluded

Players believe there is a dead drop connected to The Society for Linian Studies at the Riverside Branch of the New York Public Library (127 Amsterdam Ave 9 [at W. 65th St.]) that needs to be picked up – hopefully sometime soon.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they know exactly where to look in the library. The current theory is that it’s a book starting with the call number 998 or 999 – but online searches show that there are no books in those sections at the Riverside branch. Communications with an ingame character seem to confirm that the Riverside branch is correct, and that looking in the General History of Arctic islands & Antarctica (998) or Extraterrestrial worlds (999) is on the right track, but nothing specific has been established… yet.

Is there anyone in NYC near the Riverside branch who is willing to go and at least check the sections out to verify that nothing is there? Or maybe see if something got snuck into the library unofficially? Or, if not, willing to keep an eye on the Unfiction thread and this blog in case players figure out exactly what it is you should be looking for?

Update: New comment from Fritz, the character the players have been communicating with, suggests that a deceased character may have left a book or something in the 998 or 999 section of the Riverside branch – something that is not supposed to be there and thus won’t show up in the online catalog. So hopefully it would be pretty easy to find once you were at the library and looking in the 998/999 sections (or where those sections would be).

Update #2: ARG player extraordinaire Rose was kind enough to go to the library, not once but twice, and found a hidden book on the shelves.

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