Intimation – GPS Mission – Vancouver, St. Louis, NYC

Game: Intimation
Type: GPS Mission
Location: Vancouver, BC / St. Louis, MO / New York City, NY
Date: Posted July 31, 2009
Status: Incomplete

According to an email from drizjr, Intimation is nearing its endgame and has four new GPS missions for people to play. The new missions are marked with a pignose smiley :@]

The LA mission has been completed, but the Vancouver, St. Louis and NYC missions still need someone to run through them and get the information. As you run through the missions, you will be looking for waypoints tagged with the pignose smiley. These are where you may find a skull ID number (e.g. M-R0IJ1260853U0A74429N). You must copy down this number as this is what will unlock the new skull. Once you have the skull ID number (current speculation is one new skull for each mission) you can post it to the Unfiction thread where the players can access it.

Krystyn has posted about her experience with the new mission, so if you are thinking about going on one, please read about what to expect. Her post about the first mission she ran also has some excellent tips about completing the GPS Missions. Krystyn also invites anyone going on a mission to join the #intimation chat room so that players can give live help if needed.

Further Information: Unfiction threadWiki#intimation chat on

Intimation – GPS Mission – US, Canada, UK, Germany

Game: Intimation
Type: GPS Mission
Location: Philadelphia, PA / San Diego, CA / Hollywood, CA / Atlanta, GA / Berlin, Germany / Vancouver, BC / Portland, OR / Chicago, IL / Miami, FL / London, UK / Los Angeles, CA / Golden Gate Park, CA / Las Vegas, NV / Toronto, ON / St. Louis, MO
Date: Posted Apr 24, 2009
Status: Incomplete

New sets of GPS Missions have gone up for the Intimation game. So far, only the Central Park mission has been completely successful in gathering all the URLs needed to unlock new game content.

In order to complete GPS missions, you need a phone with an internal GPS device or an external GPS device (Bluetooth “GPS mouse”). Nokia Symbian or Windows Mobile PPC works best. Register at GPS Mobile, download the software onto your phone, and then head out to the mission sites.

Each checkpoint you arrive at reveals a message that has a web address (Checkpoint x/n .…’) The address is only shown once, so be ready to copy it down so you won’t forget. Visiting the website unlocks a piece for the game.

Further information: Unfiction thread / #intimation chat on

Thanks to @drizjr for the tip.

Update: Hollywood and Los Angeles missions completed by @krystyn. St. Louis completed by Nyst. London completed by DaiMudda.

There is now an easily readable list of which missions are completed and which are not: