The Innovasion – Live Event – Liverpool, England

Game: The Innovasion
Type: Live Event
Location: Liverpool, England
Date: 9 October 2010, 10.00–22.00
Cost: £5.00
Status: Concluded

The Innovasion is a new “pervasive alternate reality game” that is being run as part of the Liverpool Biennial festival.

Something is wrong at the Liverpool Biennial. Suspicious signs and mysterious codes appear from nowhere, and a sinister conspiracy is lurking in the shadows. But the good thing is: You can be part of it! Immerse yourself in a new world, find the trail, unravel the mystery, break the codes and help save the world. Your creativity is under threat. This is only the beginning.

Registration is required for the event and costs £5.00. Presumably by registering, you’ll get all the information you need to follow the events throughout the day in Liverpool.

If you are thinking about going, you might want to check out the online content of the game so that you know what you’ll be looking for throughout the live event.

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