Centian Games – Flash Mob – Austin, TX

Game: Centian Games
Type: Flash Mob
Location: Farmer’s Market, Austin, TX
Date: February 27, 11am CST
Status: Concluded

Centian Games is having an another Flash Mob for their ARG this weekend, this time at the Farmer’s Market in Austin at 11am.

The announcement on Twitter says that there is more information on Centian Games, but as of this writing I don’t see anything specific about it on the website. So if you are thinking about going, try sending @Centian a message to get the details.

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Centian Games – Flash Mob – Austin, TX

Game: Centian Games
Type: Flash Mob
Location: Highland Mall, Austin, TX
Date: February 20, 2pm CST
Status: Incomplete

Now that the Unofficial ARG Winter Break is over, we can start getting back into the swing of live events for some of the bigger games.

Centian Games is having an Outdoor Games Flash Mob Challenge to help promote their new game. It’s being held Saturday, February 20th at 2pm CST at the Highland Mall in downtown Austin, TX.

Players will meet the games master, Jeremy Koester, at an entrance on the west side of Highland mall. In order for players to be included in play, you must bring a shirt or some outerwear that states “Centian Sent Me”.

Players should come in comfortable athletic type clothing and shoes. These games will be played in the mall, so caution and care for others will be paramount.

Rules will be explained promptly at game start time stated above. Players may always join mid game by contacting a games master.

If you aren’t in the Austin area, you can still earn points in the game by creating your own Flash Mob at your local mall and filming it. Be sure to check the website for the rules if you are setting up your own flash mob.

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