Basin Hills Project – Dead Drop – Key Largo, FL

Game: Basin Hills Project
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Key Largo, FL
Date: dropped sometime before July 16, 2009
Status: Concluded

Email sent to me from a Colonel xBLiTZxKRiEGx:

The drop is located at 25.118042, -80.420292. If any other information was given regarding it’s whereabouts, we have not decoded it.

Top men are working to find someone willing and able in the area to retrieve it, so it may be taken before you can get this message out. In previous cases one package contains directions for the next package. This project was started roughly one year ago and was cancelled. It seems to be reinstated, but there is no solid evidence that this PM is the same guy, other than his claims and similar mannerisms. This drop will be proof if it is. Thus, cannot guarantee that drop exists, but spirits are high. Some seem concerned for safety, but the previous PM was more afraid of players than they of him, leading to things such as extreme car chases, and ultimately the ending of the project. Several contacts are in the area, but do not have transportation. One female was able but backed out when she saw the entrance, which appears to be a dirt road leading to the Largo Lodge. Recommend not travelling alone. It is known as the Basin Hills Project, Project 905, or Operation Falcon Punch. Good luck and thanks for the help.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I have no other information on what this game is. Couldn’t find anything on Unfiction at least. And I’m too busy baking cookies for Robot Speed Dating to search further. I would seriously take their advice in not traveling alone and make sure you have someone not on site that you can contact in case you need help.

Update Via Richard in the comments: “We didn’t find it. The PM said it’s been “washed up,” so you can list this as complete.” I guess that means someone somewhere got it and it just didn’t disappear into the æther. I still don’t have a clue as to what this game really is. At least there is a thread on UF for it now, although at the moment, it only contains 3 posts.