Flynn Lives (TRON) – Finale Event – Atlanta / Philadelphia

Game: Flynn Lives (TRON)
Type: Finale Event
Location: Atlanta, GA / Philadelphia, PA
Date: December 8, 2010
Status: Completed

Atlanta: 33.765720, -84.349134 (412-420 Moreland Ave NE) — Claimed
Philadelphia: 39.95272, -75.21023 (4329 Spruce St) — Claimed

The instructions:

  • Get to the above location immediately, and bring a phone that can send and receive calls (does not have to be a Flynn Lives phone).
  • Find the TRON sticker and call the phone number printed on its face.
  • Stay at the location and wait for further instructions – Flynn Lives will let you know when the mission is complete.
  • Only the first person to find and call the phone number will unlock the drop and get the final meet-up instructions.
  • Be diligent. Stay safe. And good luck.

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