Animism – Dead Drop – Lake Simcoe, Ontario

Game: Animism
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Sutton/Mossington Park area of Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Date: Dropped September 29, 2010
Status: Concluded

There’s been another drop for the Animism game that players need help recovering. This one appears to be at the Sutton/Mossington Park area of Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

It’s been noted that there is a strange “No Trespassing” sign located behind the “Iron Clad” signs, so that might be where the drop is actually located. (You have to view the full size image on Twitpic to see the “No Trespassing” sign in the back.)

I don’t know how hard or easy it will be to find this particular location, so if you’re going out, you should definitely consider securing the aid of one of the players in the Animism thread for ground support, or friend @ironcladchad on Twitter. There’s also a toll free number on the Iron Clad signs (1-888-579-4430) that might be useful to call as well.

Further Information: Unfiction thread

Thanks to @enaxor for giving me the heads up again.

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