Animism – Dead Drop – Toronto, ON

Game: Animism
Type: Dead Drop
Location: University of Toronto Hart House Library, Toronto, ON
Date: Dropped September 12, 2010
Status: Concluded

There appears to be a second library dead drop for the Animism game.

Declan believes we need to check out the book/s in the photo, especially “The Polar Sea Journey”.

This comment from Stephen on Declan’s blog gives us a location to check for the book/s:

I’ve conferred with a few colleagues sir–they’re saying they’re certain the library is the U of T Hart House library!

No one has picked up the Vancouver drop yet, so if you have any Canadian friends in either area, let them know that you need their help.

Further Information: Unfiction thread

Thanks to @enaxor for giving me the heads up.

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