Animism – Dead Drop – Vancouver, BC

Game: Animism
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC
Date: Dropped September 7, 2010
Status: Concluded

The players of Animism: The Sacred Sites have discovered a dead drop that was hinted at a character’s blog:

There is faint text at the bottom right that says:
“Remember our deal…
BUS 333.38 F86m
I believe “VPL” is Vancouver Public Library, “BUS” is the business section, and 333.38 F86m is a call out number for a book.

Note: The VPL catalog is undergoing maintenance until 11am EDT so I am unable to get specific information about the book at this time. I’ll update with more information after the catalog is back online.

Update: It figures that the one time I will ever need to use the VPL card catalog, it ends up being down most of the day. The book is Model subdivision regulations : text and commentary by Robert H. Freilich and Peter S. Levi.

UF member Shizzire has contacted the library, was told that there is a note inside the book, and currently has it on hold at the counter. You can send them a PM on Unfiction to get instructions on how to get the book/note (or maybe just be really nice to the librarian and ask them just to let you see the note).

Further Information: Unfiction thread

Thanks to @4DFiction for tweeting about the dead drop.

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