Dexter – Info Drop – Philadelphia, PA

Game: Dexter / Serial Huntress
Type: Info Drop
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: Information left Friday, August 27th
Status: Concluded

The serial killer f8 left another video blog at the Sleep Superbly site that players believe point to him leaving a clue in a Philadelphia Classifieds section.

f8: Uhm, not really. I’ve been a little behind, but, I picked up a local newspaper this morning so I am starting to catch up. There are some crazy, crazy people out there. Even the classifieds seemed bizarre.

At the end of the video, you can see that he’s wearing a Philadelphia t-shirt which is why players are concentrating on that city. On the Serial Huntress forums, players have said that they have looked through online editions of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Craigslist, but have not found anything of real interest so far. They’re hoping that someone with physical access to a newspaper might have more luck.

If you do find something interesting, please let them know at the Serial Huntress boards or in one of the IRC rooms (#serialhuntress / #safehaven).

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