Exoriare – Ham Radio Broadcast

Game: Exoriare
Type: Ham Radio Broadcast
Location: Worldwide
Date: December 18-22, 2009 & January 1, 2010
Status: Concluded

After one final push, players of Exoriare finally managed to complete all of the ground stations in the Global Forager “game” and gained access to the CLEO satellite. After inputting the access code, the satellite discovered a secret alien moon base and then was given a set of times and coordinates when we are to listen to a communication at 1296.040 MHz (an amateur radio band frequently used for moonbounce communications).

1. 12-18 UT: 17:30:00 – 18:30:00 21°41′S ±90° 56°43′W ±90°
2. 12-18 UT: 23:00:00 – 24:00:00 20°59′S ±90° 136°36′W ±90°
3. 12-19 UT: 18:00:00 – 19:00:00 18°14′S ±90° 52°49′W ±90°
4. 12-20 UT: 00:00:00 – 01:00:00 17°16′S ±90° 140°8′W ±90°
5. 12-20 UT: 18:30:00 – 19:30:00 14°3′S ±90° 49°32′W ±90°
6. 12-21 UT: 18:30:00 – 19:30:00 9°26′S ±90° 39°25′W ±90°
7. 12-22 UT: 02:30:00 – 03:30:00 7°48′S ±90° 156°7′W ±90°
8. 12-22 UT: 19:30:00 – 20:30:00 4°14′S ±90° 44°9′W ±90°
9. 01-01 UT: 01:30:00 – 02:30:00 23°19′N ±90° 17°39′W ±90°
10. 01-01 UT: 12:30:00 – 13:30:00 21°43′N ±90° 177°2′E ±90°

This is going to take a coordinated effort to accomplish since I’m pretty sure most of us don’t have a ham radio stuck in the back of a closet just waiting to be used in an ARG. But it’s certainly possible that we do know someone who is into ham radio who might be able to help us out for an hour (or less than since the speculation is that the transmission will just be looping through that time frame). Please remember that the time frame is in Universal Time (UT) so adjust the windows accordingly to where you are locally.

If you are able to help out, a recording of the broadcast would be the most helpful. But even just a transcription of what was discovered would be appreciated. The players of Exoriare (myself included) have been working towards this for the past month and it would suck to fail at this point. So please, recruit those ham radio operators and let them show off their mad skills.

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  1. Ronin

    I’m a ham operator, I don’t have a 23cm band radio, but I will hop on echolink (which is a VoIP ham program) to see if I can get in touch with anyone that has a 23cm and see if they can do me a big favor. It may not be til one of the later ones, but I’ll try my hardest.

    December 17th, 2009

  2. Any help you can give/track down is appreciated! With any luck, even if we miss a few in the beginning, the other broadcasts will have the same or similar information.

    December 17th, 2009

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