Levi’s Go Forth – Dead Drop – Durango, Colorado (Clue #8)

Game: Levi’s Go Forth
Type: Dead drop
Location: Rochester Hotel, 721 East Second Avenue, Durango, CO
Date: October 31, 2009, 12-4pm MDT
Status: Concluded

This is another dead drop where you have to RSVP before you can go. However, as of this writing, it still appears as if the reservation is open. So if you’re in the area (or can get there on Halloween) go over to the Go Forth site, enter in the answer for Clue 8 and click the RSVP button. Brad H. has confirmed the RSVP and will be the lucky one to get to meet the Man in the Hat in the Rochester Hotel.

Rochester Hotel

October 31, 12pm-4pm MDT

RSVP to stay in Room 204 on Halloween Night. Further instructions will follow.

Brad H must first find the Man in the Hat seated in the Rochester Hotel lobby and tell him “I’ve been sent by Grayson Ozias IV to retrieve Box 501.”

Further information: Levi’s: Go Forth website@GraysonOziasIVGrayson Ozias IV on FacebookUnfiction threadGo Forth WikiWhere is the Man in the Hat?

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  1. R

    it seems from the discussion that someone is already booked and going.

    October 29th, 2009

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