Levi’s Go Forth – Dead Drop – NYC (Clue #1)

Game: Levi’s Go Forth
Type: Dead drop
Location: The Ear Inn, 326 Spring St, NYC
Date: October 7, 2009 6-9pm EST*
Status: Concluded

Grayson Ozias IV has hidden $100,000 somewhere in the United States. It’s up to us to decode his clues on the Go Forth website which will then lead to a location where an item is hidden. The first person to find that item will receive a prize. A picture of the item will then be shown on the Go Forth site where the online community will be able to view it. The chance at the $100,000 prize will be based on how much you learn about Grayson Ozias IV through the campaign, not about how close you are to one of the 11 dead drops, so don’t worry about being in an area that “never gets anything cool.”

The first dead drop is at The Ear Inn, 326 Spring Street, New York City. It must be retrieved between 6 and 9pm EST* and will be located in the SW corner beneath the round table. All indications are that this is a first come-first serve deal, so if you really want the prize for finding the item, don’t be late.

Update: Kristen B is the lucky person that found a postcard underneath the table at The Ear Inn. Reports are that for her efforts she received a $100 gift certificate to a NYC Trapeze School. Pretty cool!

Further information: Levi’s: Go Forth website@GraysonOziasIVGrayson Ozias IV on FacebookUnfiction thread

* I’m guessing this should actually read EDT instead of EST since Daylight Saving Time is still in effect (for most of the US) until November 1st. Seriously, if your going to give a time frame and don’t understand the difference between EDT and EST, just drop the middle letter and save the rest of us the confusion.

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