Institute for Human Continuity – Dead Drop

Game: Institute for Human Continuity
Type: Dead Drop
Location: Greater Metro Areas of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC
Date: This weekend, maybe? Oct 3 (8am-noon), Oct 4 (3-6pm), Oct 5 (8am-noon), Oct 6 (3-6pm)
Status: Concluded

The mysterious Corruption Theory and the recently fired Soren Ulfert have joined forces and are attempting to discover the truth about the Institute for Human Continuity’s Project Naaczaal. While Corruption Theory is searching the IHC’s computers for any information related to Project Naaczaal, Soren Ulfert is using his still active access to the IHC’s messaging control panel to relay that information to anyone that is listening and who might be able to help.

Soren has released a 33 page PDF document with the locations as to where this information is going to be handed out. Exactly as to when the information is given out is a little tricky because I don’t really get what he’s saying in his blog post.

As for the when, one of us will alert you in advance of when to expect a message. Two days before our… party… I’ll send my message out to you from 8am to noon. One day before I’ll transmit from 3pm to 6pm. For now, go to your location and keep your eyes open in the morning on Saturday and Monday, and in the afternoon on Sunday and Tuesday.

I’m guessing that means that on Saturday and Monday from 8am to noon you can get information and on Sunday and Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm you can also get information. But then you might have to go back again to get more info? I’m not really sure. I’ll probably head out to one of the Bethlehem, PA locations tomorrow and see what I can find out.

The good news is this doesn’t seem to be a one-person-and-done sort of deal as Soren writes “the Theorist believes there may be more than one guest on the list, so don’t be afraid to turn up even if you might be a bit late.” So hopefully if lots of people show up, they’ll all get to participate.

Update: Well, that wasn’t very fun. Both of the Shell stations in Bethlehem, PA were a bust. According to reports, at least some of the gas stations have IHC information playing on the video screens above the pumps. You should see a preview of the movie in the main part of the screen and the info bar on the left will display an address with a date, time and a password. I’m not sure if the IHC stuff is playing continuously during the entire scheduled block of time or just a random intervals, so if you do go back to check during the other dates, you might want to stick around for a little while just to be sure.

And before anyone asks, I was watching the screens for over an hour and only got the same video loop, which I recorded to both prove I was there and to make sure that I didn’t happen to blink and miss anything. I think I’m going to forgo traveling back down there tomorrow as there has to be people closer to that area who can check it out. Really don’t want to waste another 5 hours doing nothing tomorrow.

Update #2: New reports are that the IHC content should be running nonstop during the specified times. Sunday’s event seemed to go a lot smoother than Saturday’s. There should be a new set of information airing Monday and Tuesday giving us the location of the data drop on Wednesday, so if you’re around any of the locations, please make sure you swing by and grab the info so we will know where to go.

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