Star Trek – Dead Drop/Meet – Berlin, Madrid *UPDATE*

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop or Character Meet
Location: Berlin, Germany & Madrid, Spain
Date: April 25, 2009 or April 26, 2009, 16:00 hrs
Status: Finished

A new photo from the CobraSnake party shows another Romulan sign that was translated into times and coordinates.

16.00 hrs
40.408845, -3.693845
+40° 24′ 31.95″, -3° 41′ 37.84″ (Madrid)

16.00 hrs
52.525968, 13.388433
+52°31’33.48″, +13°23’18.36″ (Berlin)

This now is obviously what the PHPChatUser5 conversation from before was about. The only thing people are unsure of is what day these events are taking place. From the original message:

PHPChatUser5: Just be ready, both of you, I’ll have your locations by Saturday – Fe, yours will likely be near the museum right by you with the rusty towers. “Al”, the other is on the eastern side of Berlin, by a derelict building in Mitte. I’ll need you to go the next day AT the time I give! Look for me in one of our spots. Also, I’m handling Sargash.

The picture was taken on “4/24/09 18:41″ which is believed to be 10am GMT. If you follow the instructions to go the next day it would be Saturday, April 25 at 16:00 hrs (local or GMT is unknown). But, it could just as easily be on Sunday, so if you really want to be a part of this, you might have to plan to camp out in Berlin or Madrid for several hours.

@Merzmensch reports that nothing happened at Berlin location on Saturday 16:00hrs local time. So scratch one possibility off the list.

Further information: Unfiction forumsPatmo forumsStar Trek ARG forums#arg chat on

Update: Both events went down on Sunday, April 26 at 16:00hrs local time. @amos_vm, @siedler_2005 and @Amujan were at the Berlin event. They found people in the area handing out flyers asking about information about two Romulans. The fliers provided a phone number to call which informed callers that the two individuals were extreme public threats. They also saw people spraying graffiti stencils also asking if you have seen these individuals.

Eventually, the trio found a backlot where the Romulans had been camping out like hobos. They found a sleeping bag covered in green blood and another person in the area had gotten a message via bluetooth and agreed to email it so that others could see it. It’s a video with some QR Codes shown throughout.

I haven’t been able to find any written reports on the Madrid mission. @colgado47 tweeted that he received a Bluetooth message while in Madrid, but provides no other reports.

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