Star Trek – Dead Drop – Berlin, Madrid

Game: Star Trek
Type: Possible Dead Drop
Location: Berlin, Germany & Madrid, Spain
Date: April 25, 2009
Status: Completed – New information given here Better update information

On, PHPChatUser5 gave out the following instructions that may or may not indicate that a dead drop or meeting will be taking place.

Just be ready, both of you, I’ll have your locations by Saturday – Fe, yours will likely be near the museum right by you with the rusty towers. “Al”, the other is on the eastern side of Berlin, by a derelict building in Mitte. I’ll need you to go the next day AT the time I give! Look for me in one of our spots. Also, I’m handling Sargash.

According to Wikipedia, Mitte is the central borough of Berlin and encompasses Berlin’s historic core. The area includes some of the most important tourist sites in Berlin.

Although the location for Fe is unknown, based upon his known language and the description of the place, players believe it to be near the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.

Further information: Unfiction forum

Update: Possible new information given in this post. Specific Berlin & Madrid coordinates and times

Thank you @Merzmensch for tweeting.

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