Intimation – GPS Mission – San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, St Louis

Game: Intimation
Type: GPS Mission
Location: San Francisco, CA / Las Vegas, NV / Toronto, ON, Canada / St. Louis, MO
Date: Posted Apr 16, 2009
Status: Incomplete

Intimation has four incomplete GPS Missions that need to be completed.

In order to complete GPS missions, you need a phone with an internal GPS device or an external GPS device (Bluetooth “GPS mouse”). Nokia Symbian or Windows Mobile PPC works best. Register at GPS Mobile, download the software onto your phone, and then head out to the mission sites.

From reports by halo422mjk, each checkpoint you arrive at reveals a message that has a web address (Checkpoint x/n .…’) The address is only shown once, so be ready to copy it down so you won’t forget. Visiting the website unlocks a piece for the game.

The NY Mission took approximately 40 minutes on foot and “besides the occasional faulty targeting system of the gps, the game was fairly easy”.

Further information: Unfiction thread / #intimation chat on

Thanks to @drizjr and @essyfan for the tip.

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