Star Trek – Dead Drop – Paris, France

Game: Star Trek / The Cobra Snake
Type: Possible Dead Drop
Location: Crossing of Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles, Paris, France
Date: dropped April 15, 2009, picked up April 15, 2009
Completed: Yes (sorta)

An update on had PHPChartUser2 state the following location: Carrefour de la Rue de la Fédération et Rue de Presles [Crossing of Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles].

Based on Google Street View, the best guess for a drop location is the Cafe Le Presles, although it’s possible that it could be elsewhere in the vicinity. That is if this is even an notification of a dead drop.

Further information: Unfiction thread

Thank you @Merzmensch for originally tweeting.

Update: Via Unfiction, reports that there is an article on from someone who claims to have the device that was dropped at Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles. You can email him to claim the item at Make sure you offer a reward.

Update 2: Since no one has been able to claim the item to the satisfaction of Mklvnd, there is now a video posted on Youtube so people can see what he found.

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