Charlotte – Character Meet – NYC

Game: Charlotte Is Becoming Real
Type: Character Meet
Location: Terazza Toscana, NYC
Date: April 15, 2009, 5pm
Completed: Yes

Players received a distorted audio file from P. Martin with the following instructions:

I arranged an appointment for you. Meet me tomorrow at 5 p.m. The place is called Terazza Toscana. Ask for my name when you enter the place. I hope you will be there. At least one of you should show up, otherwise you won’t stop it.

Players attending should ask for P. Martin (or possibly Ivan Krotzler / Isabell Alzner / Clare Alzner / Julia Schwarz / Penny the Receptionist / Jimmy the IT Guy / a Dingo) and be prepared to find out what we should be stopping.

Further information: Unfiction thread

Update: Mission was a success. Rebel2k4 and his father went to the restaurant to meet with P. Martin. They were shown to a table for 2 and given a large manila envelope with a tape recorder, several pieces of paper and a brochure.

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